Group Courses

Group Courses are held at

Woofy’s Dog Training Centre

Unit 5, Longtown, Clane/Celbridge Road, Co. Kildare.



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To ensure plenty of individual attention, places on Level 1 group classes are limited to a maximum of 6 handlers and dogs.  Bookings are on a first come first served basis, so please book your place early.   Start dates may be subject to change if there are insufficient bookings.


To find out how to book a course, go to the How to Book page.


Level 1 Companion Dog Obedience Course:

5 Session Course – topics covered in these courses include:-

•  Walk at Heel

•  Sit 

•  Come When Called

•  Stay 

•  Down 

•  Focus & Attention

•  Stop Jumping Up

•  Grooming & Handling


On the first night you will receive a Starter Pack.

 NOTE - These classes may not suitable for dogs that are reactive towards other dogs or people.  Please contact us before booking to discuss this.


Course fee …  €135.00 per dog


Level 2 Companion Dog Obedience Class:

This is a drop in class, an advancement from Level 1 to include practical work towards

the Irish Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme and those interested in competitive obedience


Course fee …  €15.00 per dog per class




No dogs turned away!  No dogs expelled from class!

We are here to help ALL dogs and owners.


While participating in our classes we ask you to adhere to the following rules:-All dogs attending classes must have their vaccinations up to date.
Please bring your vaccination card with you to the first class of the course.All dogs are to be kept under control and on the lead at all times unless under the direct instruction of one of the trainers.Please do not allow your dog to infringe on another’s space (not all dogs are happy to be approached by others).Dogs which are legally required to, must wear a muzzle/head-collar at all times, unless under the direct instruction of one of the trainers.  We do not allow the use of pinch/prong collars or electric shock collars. Please make sure your dog relieves itself before coming into the training area. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of it in the bin.We operate a No Smoking policy during the classes, this is both in the dogs and other peoples interest.No bitches in season.Whilst every effort will be made to avoid any incident, you are responsible for your personal safety and we would ask that due care is taken throughout the time that you are on site.