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 New to Ireland …..  RALLY-O

What is Rally-O?

Rally-O is a canine sport, new to Ireland, which is derived from elements of heelwork in competition Obedience.   It has only recently been recognised by the Irish Kennel Club. 

In Rally-O, you and your dog navigate a pre-set course with directional signs.  At each sign, the dog and handler perform certain exercises such as turns, sit, down, stand, stay, recall etc.

Unlike Obedience there is no instruction from the judge or steward to guide you around the course.  Competitors are given time before the competition starts to ‘walk the course’ to familiarise themselves with the order of the signs on the course.

Although you are not allowed to touch your dog while you are on the course, handlers can give verbal commands and/or signals.  Praise and encouragement can be used throughout.


Level 1 competition courses will consist of 10 – 12 signs, as you progress up the levels the courses get more difficult and slightly longer with 15 – 17 signs.  Level 1 & 2 require the dog to work on a loose lead, Levels 3 to 6 require the dog to work off lead.


At what age can a dog enter a competition?  (The following are taken from the Irish Kennel Club Regulations)

Dogs can commence training at any age.

Dogs between the age of 4 months and 6 months can take part at a show – not for competition.

Dogs between 6 months and 12 months can compete in Level 1 and Level 2 at a show.

Dogs over 12 months can compete at all Levels.


How do you progress through the Levels?

There are six levels of competition in Rally-O.  New handlers start at Level 1 and progress through to Level 6.  Progression is based on reaching a qualifying score, it is not necessary to win or be placed in order to progress.


How do you get started?

You can join a Training Club/Group that has started teaching Rally-O.  You can use Facebook page – Rally-O Ireland – as a source of information.


DogWise Rally Group.

We are now running Rally-O Group classes on Wednesdays (afternoons & evenings).  We also run 1/2 day weekend workshops during the year. 


All Levels – group classes

Group classes take place every Wednesday’s at 2.30pm.

Saturday classes take place approx. once a month @ 10.00am.  Forthcoming dates are 09/04/22, 14/05/22.

Class Fee … €20.00 per dog
Rally Workshop

For details for forthcoming Workshops, go to the Workshops page.