Good Citizen Scheme



The purpose of the Good Citizen Dog Scheme is to educate dog owners and those people thinking about acquiring a dog, how to ensure that their canine companion will be a respected member of the community through responsible ownership.

The scheme is under the control of the Irish Kennel Club.  The test is constructed to mirror everyday events and to demonstrate that your dog is well behaved and under control around people and other dogs, it is designed to assess and officially recognise those dogs who are happy, loyal and well behaved companions.

Your dog should be able to reliably do the following:-

  • Walk on a lead in a controlled manner in the presence of distractions such as a jogger or another handler and dog walking past.
  • Behave in a controlled manner whilst you have a conversation with another dog handler.
  • Lie Down and stay on command.
  • Allow you to groom your dog.
  • Allow you to examine coat, teeth, ears and feet.
  • Recall or stop on command at a distance.

You will also be tested – As a responsible owner your will have to have a pooper scooper  (or bags) and identification on your dog (see Control of Dogs Act 1986 & amendment bill of 1991).

Successful candidates will receive a certificate and badge from the Irish Kennel Club.

Full details of the test are available in a booklet available from DogWise or the Irish Kennel Club, Fottrell House, Harolds Cross Bridge, Dublin 6 W.  Tel.  01 4533300 / 01 4532310 .



Date: To Be Confirmed

Venue: Woofy’s Dog Training Centre

Start Time: 8pm


Fee: €15.00 per dog


Assessment is open to all.

You must book a place in advance, contact DogWise by phone or email.

Fee is payable on the night.