Show Jumping for Dogs!

Fingal Class 3-20150905_0076Fingal Class 12-20150905_0075This is a fun sport for owners and dogs alike!  

Whether you would like to compete in Agility or just take part in an activity for your dog, Agility could be what you are looking for.  Classes are held outdoors at DogWise near Rathangan.

Level 1 (Foundation) Agility – five session introductory courses
Our level 1 foundation course introduces your dog to jumps, tyre, tunnel, weaves and contact equipment (A Frame & Dog Walk) and teaches you some basic handling skills, with the emphasis on having fun with your dog. 
Dogs must be 12 months of age or older to attend the Level 1 course.  


Over the 5 sessions we build on you and your dogs experience.  Dogs work one at a time in our enclosed indoor training area and very quickly they begin to negotiate simple sequences off lead. 

A maximum of 5 dogs per class for these courses. 


Forthcoming course dates …

To be advised

Level 1 Agility Course Fee … €135.00 per dog 


Level 2 (Intermediate)
Sunday’s @ 10.00am
Level 3 (Advanced)
Friday’s @ 2.30pm, Sunday’s @ 11.30pm
Class Fee (Level 2 & Level 3 Agility) … €15.00 per dog
Full course fee for Level 1 is payable in advance, once your dog has completed the Level 1 course you may join the next class and payment is then per class. Online booking available, click on How To Book page (left)


Weekend Competitive Agility Workshops 2020

Details are available on the Workshops page.


DogWise Fun Day !

We will be holding another Agility Games Fun Day in Rathangan – date to be confirmed.

Start time 11.00am – All are welcome

All are pay on the day classes … €2.00 per entry, 3 entries for €5.00

Class 1 – Full Agility Course – to train and play (this will include contacts, weaves, jumps, tunnels etc.)

Class 2 – Tunnel fun class

Class 3 – Jumping class

Class 4 – (if time permits) – Team jumping relay

And we will finish off the day with a B.B.Q.


Forthcoming Agility Workshop with guest trainers ~


Alen Marekovic (Croatia) will be here for a workshop over April 2020, see our Workshop page for further details.


PLEASE LET US KNOW, PRIOR TO EACH CLASS, THAT YOU WILL BE ATTENDING – Occasionally classes are postponed due to bad weather or ground conditions so it is important that we know who to contact.



Please contact us for more information.


Dogs of all breeds, size and age are welcome to take part in the various courses run but some restrictions may be made for some disciplines. Head Collars or Muzzles must be worn by those breeds required to do so by law when taking part in group classes.

For health and safety of reasons we ask all participants in our classes to follow our Class Rules.